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PREWAR AND POSTWAR MOVIES by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Apr 6, 2005

By Tante de Ramos

Before and after the second World War, the movie industry in the Philippines was already thriving. We have only to go over five prewar and 11 postwar movies listed hereunder to prove this.


Teniente Rosario (1937)– The film starred Rogelio dela Rosa and Lucita Goyena. It was one of Lucita Goyena’s memorable movies because her acting was exceptional in this particular production.

Dalaga, Isang Ngiti Mo Lamang (1940) – The leads in this movie, Norma Blancaflor and Ely Ramos, were chosen the best actress and best actor respectively in awards ceremonies held at the Metropolitan Theater sponsored by the Bureau of Commerce.

Punit na Bandila (1940)- This movie catapulted Fernando Poe Sr. and Lucita Goyena to the top of the heap as movie king and queen for the year 1940. Exactly 42 years later in 1982, Lucita Goyena received the Walang Kupas award along with other screen stars of their time.

Anghel na Tukso ( 1940)– Miss Luzon titleholder Amparo Karagdag made her acting debut in this movie. Her co-stars were Carlos Padilla Sr. and Nemesio Caravana, a noted poet, novelist, journalist, and movie director. The film’s plot revolved on the character played by Amparo as a scheming young woman who even stole her own sister’s boyfriend– the tempting angel of the movie title. This film was produced and directed by Vicente Salumbides, an actor and director who trained in Hollywood.

Binibiro Lamang Kita (1941)– With a star-studded cast that put together Norma Blancaflor, Ely Ramos, Narding Anzures, Lilian Velez, Nati Rubi, Florentino Ballacer, Pugo and Tugo, this was directed by Carlos Vander Tolosa. It was a romance drama movie produced by the Philippine Films.


Doon po sa Amin (1946)– The initial film offering of Mabuhay Pictures which was directed by Manuel Conde, it starred Carlos Padilla Sr., Elvira Reyes, Leopoldo Salcedo and Ester Magalona. .

Miss Philippines (1947)– Norma Blancaflor shared lead billing with Jose Padilla Jr. with their co-star Letty Alonso (who became the real life wife of actor Mario Montenegro). Norma Blancaflor played a young woman pretending she belonged to high society though, in reality, she came from a vaudeville family which was looked down upon by the upper class at that time. The highlight of the movie was when the heroine revealed her true self to her loved one. The movie which was produced by LVN Pictures Inc.

Itanong sa Bulaklak (1948) – Starring Carlos Padilla Sr. and Erlinda Cortez, this film was based on the title of a poem written by Domingo Raymundo, a famous poet who was known for his prowess in the Filipino declamatory art of the balagtasan. It was produced by Premiere Productions, Inc..

Tanikalang Papel (1948)– The film featured Norma Blancaflor and Jaime dela Rosa, supported by Alfonso Carvajal and was produced by LVN Pictures.

Pista ng Nayon (1948)– Directed by Manuel Silos and produced by LVN Pictures Inc., this film starred Jose Padilla Jr. and Rebeca Gonzales, a real singer who also sang in the movie. An upcoming great actress, Tessie Quintana, was also featured here. She later turned into one of the country’s fine and popular actresses. Another actor in the cast was Victor Sevilla, the grandfather of today’s actress Jennifer Sevilla.

Selosa (1948)– Acting great Carmen Rosales was the title role in this movie. She was paired with Ely Ramos, an Atenean who was the favorite leading man of many actresses of that generation. Carmen Rosales also displayed her fine and beautiful singing voice in this movie.

Waling–Waling (1948)– A new loveteam was born in this film which brought together the singer Rebecca Gonzalez and Rogelio de la Rosa’s younger brother Jaime dela Rosa, The success of this picture encouraged LVN Pictures Inc. to produce more films featuring the new teamup.

Sa Piling Mo (1949)– Produced by Sampaguita Pictures, this film starred Tita Duran and her screen partner Oscar Moreno whose teamup had a big following of fans at that time. Co-stars Teresita Martinez and Maria Cristina were also in the cast.

Kayumanggi (1949) – The film featured the great profile Leopoldo Salcedo and Ester Magalona in a magnificent story of love between a Christian man and a Muslim woman. Written and directed by Leopoldo Salcedo, it was produced by Premiere Productions.

Gitano (1949)– The film starred by Jaime dela Rosa and Soprano Rebecca Gonzales. A new actress joined the cast and this was the beautiful Delia Razon. This LVN Pictures production was directed by Manuel Silos.

Mutya ng Pasig (1950) – Another teamup of Rebecca Gonzales and Jose Padilla Jr., this movie had for its locations the scenic rural countryside. As expected, the leading lady once more displayed her musical talent. It was also produced by LVN Pictures Inc.