Apr 06
THE NOMINATORS by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Apr 6, 2005

The FAP award nominators perform the penultimate step in the three-tiered process of selecting the year’s winners of the Film Academy of the Philippines awards whose trophy will be called the Luna award from hereon.

As one nominator jokes about their role: We are caught in the middle between the citers who we can call the eliminators and the voters who we can refer to as the terminators. The citers eliminate the underserving from the entire list of films shown last year, leaving us at most 15 selections where we can cull the best 5 of the year. Then the voters take over and terminate everything, deciding on the winner for every categories.

The nominators are therefore tasked to trim down the list of films chosen by the FAP citers from among last year’s harvest of outstanding performances and variousa fields of craftmanship for the final Best 5 of each category.

There are usually five nominators for each category, coming form the respective guilds to decide a maximum of five nominees for each category. In the case of the actors’ guild, which is responsible for the four performance categories, there are ten nominators.

From among the Best 5 choices, the FAP voters from the guilds—comprised by the original 10 citers with an additional 20 more members—will proclaim the best performers, craftsmen and film of the year.

In essence, the nominators set the stage for the final undertaking. Their role in this award- giving process will make or break the credibility and trustworthiness of the FAP awards.

Three groups of nominators, we can say, are saddled with additional responsibilities. The nominator directors and scriptwriters will decide respectively on the final nominees for best direction and best screenplay and, in so doing, might pave the way for the selection of the best picture nominees as well.

The nominator actors and actresses will decide on the most number of categories, namely the four performance categories for the best actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress.

Hereunder are the list of this year’s nominators for the FAP awards:


Gina Alajar, Robert Arevalo, Harlene Bautista, Cherie Gil, Rio Locsin, Liza Lorena, Jeffrey Quizon, Chanda Romero, Romnick Sarmienta and Lorna Tolentino.


Mel Chionglo (DGPI), William Mayo (KDPP), Mark Meily (DGPI), Elwood Perez (KDPP) and Carlitos Siguion-Reyna (DGPI).


Lualhati Bautista, Manny Buising, Jose Carreon, Joen Chionglo and Eddie Romero.


Romulo Araojo, Marissa Floreindo, Totoy Jacinto, Sergio Lobo and Oscar Quirijero.


Joey Luna, Edgar Martin Littaua, Dante Mendoza, Manny Morfe, and Merlito Santos.


Renewin Alano, Vito Cajili, Ron Dale, Ferren Salumbides and Edgardo ‘Boy’ Vinarao.


Tony Cortez, Willy Cruz, Jesse Lazaten, John Lesaca and Blitz Padua.


Joe Climaco, Danny Lorilla, Nestor Mutia, Albert Rima and Rolly Ruta.