May 29
CITERS’ SCREENINGS WRAPPED UP by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 29, 2009

Film Academy of the Philippines citers for the 27th Luna Awards wrapped up their screening of 29 films vying for nominations for this year’s peers-vote-on-their-peers derby.

After the preview of the last film—Shake, Rattle & Roll 10—last Wednesday, May 27, majority of the citers submitted their choices for the ten possible nominees in 11 categories of the awards.

The FAP nominators will now take over to glean the five nominees for each category. According to the Academy secretariat, a total of 23 citers chalked up perfect attendance for the 15-day screening of films at the FAP office at the OctoArts building on Panay Avenue.

These citers are: Cinematographers Arnold Alvaro, Roger Baruelo, Oscar Querijero, Marcos ‘Jun’ Rasca and Isagani Sioson; Director Rudy Dominguez; Editors Cornelio Crisostomo, Danilo Gloria, Ever Ramos, Cielito Santillan, Rudy Tabotabo and Arcadio Vinarao;

Musical Scorers Josefino Cenizal, Jaybee Gaerlan, Jun Gaerlan, and Pablo Vergara; Assistant Directors/Production Managers Joel Apuyan, Evelyn Baruelo and Dante Kabigting; Scriptwriters Enrico Villa and Franco Deocareza; Soundman Greg Ella; and Actor Bert Vivar.

The 27th Luna Awards citers screened a total of 29 films since April 20. All the films were rated A or B by the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

The films were One True Love (Regal Films/GMA Films); One Night Only (Canary Films); Ploning (Panoramanila Pictures); I.T.A.L.Y. (GMA Films/Viva Films); Baler (Viva Films); My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend (Regal Entertainment/GMA Films); Serbis (CenterStage Productions); Iskul Bukol (OctoArts Films); For the First Time (Star Cinema); 100 (Martinez-Rivera Films);

My Only You (Star Cinema); Torotot (Viva Films); Endo (UFO Pictures); My Big Love (Star Cinema); Pisay (Seiko Films) Concerto (Solito Arts Productions/Seiko Films); When Love Begins (Star Cinema); Caregiver (Star Cinema/Viva Films); Urduja (Regal Entertainment Inc./APT Entertainment); A Very Special Love (Star Cinema/Viva Films);

Ang Tanging Ina Niyong Lahat (Star Cinema); Magkaibigan (Maverick Films); Paupahan (AD Productions); Dayo (Cutting Edge Productions); Kulam (Regal Entertainment Inc.); Desperadas 2 (Regal Entertainment Inc.); Dobol Trobol (APT Entertainment/RVQ Films/M-Zet Films); Ikaw Pa Rin (Viva Films) and Shake, Rattle & Roll 10 (Regal Entertainment Inc.).

The citers are expected to come up with their list of at least 10 nominees in their categories on the last day of screening on Wednesday, May 27. As usual, the film workers will be selecting nominees in their specific line of work—meaning actors will rate actors, directors will rate directors and so forth.

After the citers, the nominators will take over and review the list the citers had come up with. The nominators will trim the list down to the final five (or so) nominees. The voters will then review the films with nominations and vote on the best for the year 2008. Voters, unlike the citers and nominators, will be voting in all categories.

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