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FPJ – POLITICALLY SPEAKING by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jan 5, 2005

By Antonio P. Socorro

Editor’s Note: A Memorabilia page dedicated to Fernando Poe, Jr. is now on this website. See the banner in the main page. The memorabilia page is to contain photos, anecdotes and other items about the King of Philippine Movies. All contributions sent to fap_web@yahoo.com . will be acknowledged.

In the beginning the fight was a no contest: Panday versus you-know-who. Then the winds of change blew hot and cold causing the toteboard to go haywire. There were several surveys, some were credible, some were not. Fence-sitters, bystanders and passersby took the contest seriously. There were countless of analyses, some were believable, some were not. Surprisingly, the race was coming to a dead heat. There were many quick counts, some were realistic and some were not. Unexpectedly, the photo-finish result was decided by the breaks. Fernando Poe, Jr. had lost the counting (sic).

After the proclamation of the so-called winner and after some months of tenure, the specter of the doubt remains haunting us. According to the SWS, 55% of those surveyed believe that presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr. was cheated. Quoting Ronald Constantino’s Highspeed column in Tempo of Dec. 30, 2004: GMA REIGNS – After being No.1 for over a decade, ABS-CBN slid to No.2 in 2004. GMA is, of course, the top network, reigning during daytime and primetime. The consensus is ABS-CBN lost much of its objectivity and credibility in the last May presidential elections when it sided with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The loss proved fatal to the network’s flagship program, “TV Patrol,” its early-evening newscast.

An apolitical person, Fernando Poe, Jr. took the gambit in the last presidential elections. The reason? To give in to the clamor of the masses that he so loved. But digging deeper, one would find that FPJ was in search of the fulfillment of his dream – to set free his beloved countrymen from the bondage of dirty politics. Ironically, he himself was slain by the very same monster he had tried to slay. But despite the heavy casualty and lack of ammunition, FPJ weighed his options and valiantly resorted to legal means possible in order to protect the country from chaos.

As what Susan Roces had said, “hindi baleng nakawan ka ng pera dahil kikitain mo rin yun. Pero ang nakawan ka ng pangarap…” Fernando Poe, Jr. may have lost the battle but he had won the war. His immortality as the king of Philippine movies and hero of the masses will be etched in his faithful supporters. His dreams will live on for the others to pick up.

As a tribute to that dream, following is an excerpt from the unpublished composition.

Wika niya’y gagamutin ang sugat na pagkalalim,
Ba’t kinayod niya ang langib at katas ay sinimsim?
Dati nang nakahilera ang taniman sa linang
Anong kwenta ang ginisa kung damo at alibambang?

Kahit sino’ng tumayo, sinuman ang maupo
Wangis ko’y ganu’n pa rin, salawal ay nahuhubo.
Umaakyat, bumababa, puro naman talusira.
At kahit sinong tanungin, ako pa rin ang may sala.

Talusira, kulay ay magarbo.
Talusira, amoy ay tila kay bango.
Talusira, mataginting ang tunog mo
Kaya’t talusira pa rin ang pipiliin ko.