Oct 27
HELLO! AGAIN! by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Oct 27, 2004


You may not have missed us but we definitely missed all of you.

For the second time, our cybercraft got stuck in the dark abyss of a cyber black hole that resulted in an electronic paralysis of sorts. The involuntary stasis lasted for months. That’s the price we paid for ignoring the ominous sputterings of our bandwidth engine in the latter part of June that became more rampant in the month of July.

This too shall pass – and gladly it actually passed with the help of the ever-smiling lady of the Academy Awards. We are once again back on track with our new cybercraft that we Christened FAPWEB.ORG to be the official E-zine website of the Film Academy of the Philippines. And we are proud of the new look – chic design of simple color shades, gleaming banners and sleek cyber engine for faster-than-thou access.

So welcome us back.

You will find the new web pages to be compact but bursting with information although with lesser images and practically bereft of animation. This radical change is based on our random survey where we found out that speed is the first and the foremost consideration in accessing a website. Talk of turtle-paced dial up connection, huh! We can therefore conclude that majority of the cyber population are somewhat autistically-tempered, i.e. having a short string of patience in waiting for a page to display.

Another major change we underwent is the expansion of coverage to tread into the territory of television and other fields of entertainment. That means TV shows and TV stars, music and musical personalities. Expect fiery articles and columns on the much-vaunted soaps and game shows pervading the primetime. We just hope that FAPWEB.ORG could live to its promise of not writing negative stuff because fair observation says that trash is prevalent in the… uh-oh, let’s leave it at that, okay?

FAPWEB.ORG maintains the usual 4 weekly articles for your reading relaxation plus 3 announcement banners to house long-running informative items like contests, public activities and other major projects of the Film Academy that may be of concern to the cyber community. What’s great is that we now have 4 banner ads as a public display of support from our sponsors and benefactors. And from the previous Mondays, our publication day is now Wednesday to avoid deadline blues during weekends.

You can check on the database of Academy Award winners. The search will yield a complete list of categories in the year that you selected. Another database to look at is the profiles of personalities that contains photos and short bio of actors, directors and all other workers in the entertainment industry. As a promise, we are continuously building up the records of the profiles database.

To complement our skeletal writing crew, the FAPWEB Media Bureau recently held an orientation for potential contributing writers of this E-zine. Emphasized in the lively session was the editorial policy of being INFORMATIVE, ENTERTAINING and CONSTRUCTIVE. That means we are wearing the “tabloid look” for the form but the contents have a decency level to be observed. Articles, in English or Filipino or even Taglish, should be concise and meaty and with photos whenever possible.

The Film Academy has many exciting activities in store for everyone. Starting with the ongoing FAP Script and Storyline twin writing competition, in the offing is a contest about the Academy Award Statuette. More activities are lined up. Cybernauts will be privy to the grand plans of the Film Academy that will be divulged in the weeks to come provided you visit this website once in a short while.

FAPWEB Media Bureau, headed by Jesse Ejercito, wishes to thank FAP Director-General Leo Martinez for his unflagging support and dedication that effected the successful resuscitation of the Film Academy’s E-zine website. Our deep appreciation also goes to FAP’s Chairman Espiridion Laxa for his unqualified support and also to the Board of Governors of the Film Academy. Kudos to Rougarai System Technologies for the simple but cute design of our site. Lastly, thanks to our sponsors for their unwavering stance in shelling out small amounts for their sparkling whole page ads.

As per tradition, we are inviting cyber aficionados to send in their comments and suggestions to our new mailbox – fapwebmb@yahoo.com – for the purpose of continuously improving our website. Be heard, let us know what you want.