Apr 15
CHINA INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FILMFEST by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Apr 15, 2009

The Philippine ambassador to China has requested the Film Academy of the Philippines to invite Filipino filmmakers and animators to participate in the 10th Qingdao-China International Children’s Film Festival which will be held in Qingdao, Shandong Province in September 2009.

In a letter dated April 8 and addressed to FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez, Ambassador Sonia Cataumber-Brady specifically explained that the China International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF) will be accepting films produced or made after September, 2007.

Ms. Cataumber-Brady said that the CICFF will shoulder the travel expenses of participants (two persons per film).

The ambassador also relayed this request to the Office of Asia and Pacific Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the National Commission on Culture and the Arts.

Interested parties are advised to communicate directly with the CICFF at the following address with copies furnished the Philippine embassy in Beijing:

China Children’s Film Association
2 Xitu Cheng Lu, Hai Dian District
Beijing, China 100088

The e-mail address is abcabc@cchfa.cn.
The website address is http://www.cchfa.cn.

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