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NEW SCREENWRITERS’ GUILD OF THE PHILIPPINES OFFICERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Feb 18, 2009

Isabel Sebullen emerged as the unanimous choice to become the new president of the Screenwriters’ Guild of the Philippines. The position of vice president was snatched by Vic Dabao via a plurality vote while Andy Beltran won as the new Secretary/Treasurer. Enrico Villa was elected as the Board Chairman.

Dr. Sebullen has a Ph.D in Public Policy Management and currently a professor in Lyceum of the Philippines University. She is also a three-time Palanca winner in the short story category. Aside from being a scriptwriter, Vic Dabao is also a noted production designer and a visual artist who is one of the advocates of the mixed media art style. Andy Beltran is into different businesses, a Catholic Mass Media Awardee, a literary and entertainment writer, while board chairman Enrico Villa is a veteran writer.

The new officers – from left Board Chairman Enrico Villa, Secretary/Treasurer Andy Beltran, President Dr. Isabel Sebullen and Vice President Vic Dabao

The new SGP board convened last Feb. 12 with 8 members in attendance: Enrico Villa, Isabel Sebullen, Tess Clarin, Vic Dabao, Hernan Robles, Manny Rodriguez, Andy Beltran and Lani Tolentino. On the pre-approved straight voting and secret balloting system, the board members all agreed to elect only three officers plus a board chairman to concentrate on the operations so that the remaining five board members will be free to handle the heavy lineup of projects.

The new board minus Lita Duguran who was absent

Right after election, the new board discussed the first project called Story Festival. It aims to collect concepts and storylines from SGP members and the collection will eventually be offered to producers who are intending to join the Metro Manila Film Festival.

The SGP board will soon meet again to thresh out other matters and also to give attention to activities that will directly benefit the members.

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