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26th LUNA AWARDS SIDELIGHTS by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Feb 11, 2009

In the traditional Filipino Time, the 26th Luna Awards started behind schedule. Aside from the late arrival of guests, the snail-paced service provided by the waiters aggravated the situation.


Early birds were treated to free coffee courtesy of Maestro Pablo Vergara. Sound Technician guild president Rolly Ruta, who came a bit late for the free coffee, unknowingly went straight to the coffee dispenser. That coffee was for the fellowship of Born Again Christians in the adjacent function room.

Pablo Vergara, his daughter and son in law with FAP DG Leo Martinez

Guests are wondering why they were not asked to sign the registry. It’s plain and simple, the secretariat people forgot to bring the registry book.

FAP Secretariat – Raquel Paz, Lorna Balmes and auditor Malou Villarey

Pangasius, a fish similar to catfish (hito), as the main course was a topic in one table. It is pronounced PANG-GA-SHUS, said one. When the waiter came to offer the plate of food, a gay Production Designer asked what it was. The waiter looked at the gay PD and said, “PANG-GAY-SHUS po!”

Production Designer Len Santos, FAP Chairman Atty. Laxa, Best Editing winner Jess Santos, FAP DG Leo Martinez, Director Elwood Perez and photo expert Romy Vitug

In the trivia stated by host Tirso Cruz III, it is heartening to know the amazing feat of Phillip Salvador in winning 7 Best Actor trophies. By the way, Phillip is a shoo in for the presidency of KAPPT (Kapisanan ng Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon).

Pip and Lorna T

A thing to note was the colored tattoo on the left portion of Gina Alajar’s chest. Before the program began, Gina griped about receiving only Best Supporting Actress trophies but never a Best Actress. Her dream came true instantly because she received the Best Actress trophy in behalf of Maricel Soriano.

Gina Alajar after getting the trophy from Barbara Perez

In her speech in accepting the FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award, Boots Anson-Roa related what she heard from her grandchildren. The smaller one asked what Lifetime Achievement means. The second one answered, “That’s the one they give to old people.”

Boots Anson Roa in gleaming red

Maryo J. Delos Reyes in his acceptance speech said that his last FAP Best Director trophy was for Magnifico in 2004 of which affair was a pompous one. “This night,” he said, “ it is a modest celebration but my feeling of winning is still the same.”

Maryo J. Delos Reyes being congratulated by Banal Director Cesar Apolinario with Cloyd Robinson wearing a hat.

Angelica Panganiban, who won the Best Supporting Actress Luna trophy, was the toast of the cameras. She came unescorted. A reporter, presumably gay, was heard mumbling, “Kainis, wala naman pala si Derek.”


Speaking of cameras, Barbara Perez still has that x factor. She was requested by the photographers for a pose near the stage.


Paolo Contis obliged to a young fan’s request. After the shot of the camera and the courteous “thank you,” the young fan walked away while saying, “Si Lian ang wallpaper ni Paolo sa cel niya. Si Lian ng EB Babes.”


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