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SGP ELECTIONS END IN SOUR NOTE by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Jan 20, 2009

The Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines (SGP) held their elections last Friday, January 16 at the Film Academy office. Nine directors of the SGP board were elected in the voting which was topped by incumbent President Pablo Gomez and Lani Tolentino. Former vice-president Conrado Leonardo Jr. and William Pascual did not make it.

The elections were actually held to select seven board directors but three candidates tied for the last slot. The assembly voted to include all three into
the incoming board.

Outgoing President Gomez verbally declared after the proclamation of winners that he is resigning from the board. The next day, he complained to FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez and Chairman Espiridion Laxa that a failure of elections must be declared.

Director William Mayo presided as the Committee on Election chairman with the assistance of Alex Socorro, FAP’s Technical Consultant, and Julie Ann Nuñez, FAP Senior Technical Staff.

Of the 54 registered members, 44 electors cast their votes for a closely contested fight for the seven directors of the SGP board. Surprisingly, there was a triple tie for the 7th position. However, it was resolved when all the members present, which constitute a quorum, agreed to just increase the number of directors from seven to nine.

A thing worth of note was the resignation of Pablo Gomez as an elected director and his suggestion that Lani Tolentino be the new president.

Majority of the members of the newly-elected board later on concurred to that suggestion with a signed resolution in accepting Pablo Gomez’s resignation and installing Lani Tolentino as the new president.

The other officers of SGP are to be chosen in the next board meeting within a week. For the replacement of Pablo Gomez in the board, Vic Dabao, having the next biggest number of votes will assume the 9th seat of the new SGP board.

Here’s the final tally in descending sequence:

Candidate Votes
Pablo Gomez – 24
Lani Tolentino – 24
Manny Rodriguez – 23
Enrico Villa – 23
Hernan Robles – 22
Tess Clarin – 21
Lita Duguran – 20
Isabel Sebullen – 20
Andy Beltran – 20
Vic Dabao – 18
Jigz Recto – 17
Franco Deocareza – 17
William Pascual – 16
Paz Santillan – 16
Conrado Leonardo – 14

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