Nov 17
EARLY FEEDBACK by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Nov 17, 2004


At this early our mailbox is already bulging with reader reactions.

Most of the emails are inquiries on the Film Academy’s writing contest hence, owing to the public clamor, we are obligated to clarify some matters. The Storyline is single-spaced, can be in English or Filipino or even Taglish. Likewise, the Script can be written in English or Filipino or a mixture of English and Filipino, single-spaced but with a line gap between instructions and dialogue. Since the deadline, November 30, is a holiday, those who will submit on that day can leave it to the reception guard of Octo-Arts building. After the deadline we will be publishing updates on the writing contest from time to time.

Some emails are complaints about the Name the Statuette contest. We apologize for the disappointment of those who submitted entries unsuccessfully. The online entry form was only enabled last November 9. Please accept our apologies. The tentative deadline for the Name the Statuette contest is on January 31, 2005. In case of duplicate statuette names getting in the win column, the date of submission will break the tie, i.e. the first to submit gets the prize. Submission of entries are strictly by only so we won’t accept entries by emails.

Some surfers were confused with the downloads and on-line submissions when asked for a user ID and password. Just click on the cancel button. There’s actually no password required.

Allow us to massage our ego a bit.

We got a few heart-warming emails and we are publishing a portion coming from a certain with website at Here it is. “ Wow naman nag improve talaga ang website nyo ah! good job… i hope lang na this will get bigger later. Also, i think the nyahaha article is funny…well honestly just some of them..yong na get ko lang hahaha! still it was pretty good. Di ko pa na basa lahat kasi ini isa isa ko kasi everyday…di kasi ako masyadong mahilig magbasa..bihira lang ako nagbabasa o maka hanap man lang na interesting topic for me to read. But i’m trying to read more…the more u read the more knowledge gain diba??? anyway…your website is fast access…ang bilis talga magdisplay.”

Feedback about our new website are all encouraging including those from texts and phone calls. We are wondering if our new website is indeed impresive or simply because most of the surfers are our friends! Notable is their liking for the fast access. There are also some nice remarks about the meaty contents of the webpages.

The initial result of the article poll, no matter how few, is also encouraging. At least we know that there are people out there reading our hard-written articles. The tally of votes can be viewed in the archive page. And old articles can still be read via the archive page. For the poll, only the current articles can be voted in or voted out. This is our way of allowing our readers to get their revenge.

Please don’t hesitate to send your reactions to Just inform us if you don’t want your email address to be published.

It may be out of context but this email we got from seems interesting enough especially to those who’s got the wanderlust. Read. “baka me mga relatives kayo or friends na interesado… open daw ang NZ. ok naman daw don.