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MOVIE ADAPTATIONS FROM KOMIKS: 1947 TO 1987 by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Dec 8, 2008

FAP website trivia writer Tante de Ramos comes out with a miniscule list of 19 komiks novels which were adapted into films during a forty-year period from 1947 to 1987. The interesting films are:

Hagibis (1947)—Fernando Poe, Sr. portrayed the Pinoy version of Tarzan as Hagibis, a komiks character created by Francisco Coching.

Kulafu (1947)—Another Pinoy Tarzan, also played by the father of FPJ, this komiks character was the brainchild of Francisco Reyes.

Prinsipe Amante (1950)—Starring the great Rogelio de la Rosa in the title role, with Delia Razon, Rosa Rosal and Ben Rubio, this film was produced by LVN Productions and adapted from the komiks novel of Clodualdo del Mundo, the father of Cinemalaya Director and archives official Doy del Muindo Jr.

Barbaro (1952)—Pancho Magalona tackled the lead and title role of a Filipino bandit-rebel as written for the komiks by Francisco Coching. The film also starred Pancho’s real-life wife Tita Duran (dubbed as the Shirley Temple of the Philippines) and introduced Panchito Alba, who would later be the regular foil and partner of Dolphy. The film was was produced by Sampaguita Pictures Inc.

Kerubin (1952)—Child actress Tessie Agana (daughter of actress Lind Estrella) portrayed the role of a cherubim in a komik novels written by Clodualdo del Mundo. This was also produced by Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.

Rodrigo de Villa (1952)—Mario Montenegro assumed the title role of a swashbuckling hero created by writer Nemesio Caravana, who also directed the film. Mario’s co-star was Delia Razon in this LVN Pictures production.

Sawa Lumang Simboryo (1952)—Starring then action superstar Jose Padilla Jr. (the uncle of the late Rudy Fernanxez and Robin Padilla), this film was adapted from the komiks novel of Amado Yasonia. The lead actress was Anita Linda (Alice Lake in real life). This film was produced by Premiere Production, Inc.

Kurdapya (1954)—This film was based on a komiks character created by Pablo S. Gomez, the present president of the Screenwriters’ Guild of the Philippines and one of the stalwarts of komiks writing in the country. Gloria Romero (Gloria Galla in real life) played the comic character of ugly-duckling-turned-gracious-swan Kurdapya in this Sampaguita Pictures, Inc. film.

MN (1954)—Another Pablo S. Gomez masterpiece, MN starred Carmen Rosales (Januaria Keller in real life), Oscar Moreno (Oscar Anson), Cesar Ramirez (Arlen G. Aguilar) and Alicia Vergel (Erlinda Asturias). It was produced by Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.

Ukala (1954)—Based on the komiks character of an Indian warrior created by Fred, this film, starred Cesar Ramirez in the title role with co-stars Alicia Vergel (Cesar’s real-life wife). This film was produced Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.

DI –13 (1955)—The Pinoy komiks version of Dick Tracy, this film cast Jose Romulo in the title role of a secret agent. His co-stars were Arsenia Francisco, Rosita Nobles (Rosario Costenoble in real life), Lopito, Ramon D’Salva and Vicente Liwanag. This komiks series was written by Damy Velasquez and the film was directed by Cesar Gallardo for Larry Santiago Productions and released thru Premiere Productions, Inc.

Aling Kutsero (1956)—Nida Blanca (Dorothy Jones in real life) played the role of a lady calesa driver in a film based on the komiks novel of Vir Redondo. The film was produced by LVN Pictures, Inc.

Tipin (1957)—Based on a cartoon character created byn Lary Alcala, Tipin was played by Lano Oteyza in a film produced by Premiere Productions, Inc.

Tisoy (1977)—Directed by the late National Artist for Film Ishmael Bernal, this fiol;m was based on a comics strip character created by Nonoy Marcelo for the defunct Manila Times. Jimmy Morato portrayed the title role.

Kambal sa Uma (1979)—Rio Locsin essayed the role of the half of a twin whose sister is a ratwoman as based on komiks novel of Jim Fernandez.

Pepeng Kulisap (1979)—Based on a komiks character Pepeng Kulisap created by L. P. Calixto, this film was produced by D’Wonder Films which top-starred Nino Muhlach (Angelo Jose Muhlach in ral life) as Pepeng Kulisap.

Pieta (1983)—One of the fist winners of the Film Academy of the Philippine awards during the early years of its award-giving, Pieta was based on the komiks novel of Carlo J. Caparas. The film starred Charlito Solis as the martyr mother and Ace Vergel as the hoodlum-son. Komiks writer Caparas also directed the film for Amazaldy Films.

Sinasamba Kita (1983)—Based on a komiks novel of Gilda Olvidado, Sinasamba Kita starred Lorna Tolentino, Christopher de Leon and Philip Salvador. The film was produced by Viva Films.

Anak ni Zuma (1987)—Basketball star-turned-movie-actor Max Laurel played the role of Zuma’s son, which was created by Jim Fernandez. This film was directed by Ben Yalung for his Cine Swerte film company.

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