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BELIEVE – ANGEL MORALES by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Dec 3, 2008

A book writer has to have a published book. A scriptwriter has to have a script used in a movie, a radio drama or in stage. A composer has to have a published composition before he could be called as such.

Angel doesn’t believe in waiting. “Feeling composer ako dahil marami na kong na-compose na kanta kaya…” a timid smile completes Angel’s statement. She is very reluctant in admitting that she is to launch a song album soon simply because she still doesn’t know the ins and outs of the music industry.

A music lover ever since she was a child, Angel was content in listening to the available sound system. Not really a music addict, only an enthusiast so it never crossed her mind that she would be a composer someday.

“Marunong ako ng piano pero konti lang. Guitar, konti rin. Wala naman kasi akong formal study ng music.” Aside from her limited knowledge in music, there was nary an encouragement from her family. Now, no one would believe that Angel is coming out with an album of her own compositions.

She was tinkering with the piano when, in a stroke of luck, a line of melody caught her fancy. It was as if something inside of her was telling her that she should continue the tinkering and that she could make out a song out of it. Jotting down the musical notes, using her improvised notation method, Angel was able to compose a stanza of music and later on the refrain.

“Last year iyun,” Angel smiles again to hide her shyness. “Basta naisulat ko na yung nota, halimbawa do o mi, yun na yun. Nang makabuo na, nilagyan ko na ng lyrics.” So it’s the melody first before the lyrics. In just a year’s time, Angel was able to compose more than 10 songs with varied genre. “Kung ano lang ang pumasok sa isip ko, yun ang sinusulat ko,” Angel admits that inspiration always dictates the mood of her songs and she has no specific audience in mind.

Using her limited skills in musical instruments, Angel created a demo tape and she herself provided the vocals. “Gusto ko lang malaman kung maganda. Kaso nagandahan ako kaya naisip ko na ituloy na lang ito.” Like an accident waiting to happen, Angel’s musical ambition sprang with that demo tape.


After determining the capability of her pocket, Angel approached Pablo Vergara for some advice. Having listened to the demo version, the prolific composer nodded and rattled off possibilities. How about producing an album? The estimated figures (of producing an album) rattled off by Direk Pablo didn’t intimidate Angel albeit she was like a fighter ready for the battle. With that attitude of hers, Direk Pablo gave his approval. And Angel was glad that someone had believed in her musical capabilities.

With the full assistance of Direk Pablo, the arrangement was done and eventually the minus one followed. Angel was satisfied with the music and her only concern is the vocals. “Ako na rin kasi ang kumanta,” Angel proclaims with her trademark smile. It is normal for first time singers to be apprehensive and it is also normal for first time composers to be overly excited.

The studio recording expenses was cut to a bare minimum because the singer, i.e. the composer herself, had already mastered the songs. Normally, hitches in the recording process arise due to the singer’s failure to memorize the lyrics and the tune. And the 600 per hour studio rental is not peanuts if you are scrimping on the budget.

Surprisingly, Angel has the voice to do the vocals of her compositions. In fact, the timbre of her voice exudes a different audio flavor such that the listener may be fooled that it was a foreigner who was singing. Oldtimers in music would remember Bunny Chanel who produced a hit with You Needed Me until people discovered that it was actually Helen Gamboa in disguise.

The 13 songs are already in CD. “Pinapakinggan ko pang mabuti ang master. Hindi pa final yan.” And if she finds something unpleasant to her ears, Angel is dead set on retouching the songs in the studio again. Like any debutante, Angel wants her musical party to be audio perfect.

The songs in her compilation are:
1. Make Believe
2. Naghihintay ang Langit (acoustic instruments)
3. Ikaw ang Tanging Langit
4. Mahal na Mahal
5. Whenever I Look Back
6. Liwanag sa Dilim
7. Flawless
8. Naghihintay ang Langit (orchestra)
9. I Shall Know You Then
10. Bagong Pinoy
11. Just Try It
12. You Can
13. Bakit

Having a mixed genre, and English and Tagalog at that, Angel is still contemplating on what song to be the carrier of her album. “Pero ang target market ko talaga ay mga young adults. Kaya lang ipinarinig ko sa pamangkin ko pero deadma ang reaction.” But Angel was not discouraged at all because she plans to release the album in the mainstream market. “Baka sa Universal Records ko ipasok for distribution,” says Angel with a bit of confidence that Direk Pablo will help her with the negotiations.

But the procedure doesn’t end in the releasing of the album. There should be some kind of promotion. Nowadays, recording artists promote their albums via mall tours or radio station tours. Angel is also aiming to promote her album in the radio but since her logistics are limited. she is seeking all the help she can get.

As with performing live for a sample or a demo, Angel laughs this time. “Kailangan kong mag-reduce muna para believable ang hitsura ko.”

Believe – Angel Morales, the album, was entirely arranged by Pablo Vergara with Ruben Pemperas as the sound engineer. Recording was done in PM Studios located inside the Sampaguita Compound. Music, lyrics and vocals by Ma. Angelica Bulay-Morales.

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