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THE SPY THRILLER OF THE SIXTIES by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Nov 10, 2008

Trivia master Tante de Ramos comes up with a list of 30 films which were spin-offs from the James Bond and The Man from UNCLE films in the 60s. These local versions were halved between action dramas and plain spoofs and comedies.

According to Tante, the James Bond wannabes included action stars like Tony Ferrer, Eddie Fernandez, Alberto Alonzo, etc. While comedy kings Dolphy, Chiquito and even Dencio Padilla essayed the spy-secret-agent roles in the comedy versions.

Tante lists down thirty titles of the films under this genre.

Alamid (Agent 777) – Jing Abalos portrayed the lead role of an agent in a film that was produced in the mid 60’s,

Cabonegro – It was the turn of Romano Castellvi to play the role of an agent/soy in this suspense action thriller made in 1966.

Clandestine – Eddie Arenas essayed the agent role this time in this action thriller made in he mid 60s which had death defying stunts and suspense-filled action sequences.

Cosa Nostra – Another Romano Castellvi starrer as he plays another agent role in this action thriller.

Crisis – This is just one of a slew of movies produced by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions which starred Tony Ferrer as the most successful local version of James Bond or Napoleon Solo—the legendary Tony Falcon or Agent X-44.This film was produced in 1970.

David Martel – Eddie Fernandez played the role of Lagalag, another successful local carbon copy of James Bond. This spy thriller was made in the mid 60’s by Premiere Productions, Inc.

Dolfinger – A spoof of the James Bond film Goldfinger starring Sean Connery, the agent in this film was none other than the king of Philippine comedy, Dolphy. The laugh-a-minute action film was produced in the early 60’s.

Dolls for Hire – Alberto Alonzo plays the spy agent and a bevy of sexy actresses makes up the cast of this film. The actresses included Lourdes Medel, Merle Fernandez , Miriam Jurado and Bessie Barredo. This spy action film also starred Eddie Garcia, Tony Cayado, Nort Nepomuceno, Ely Ramos, Jr. Romy Kintanar and the SOS Daredevils stuntmen. This was produced by Atty. Espiridion D. Laxa under his Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions.

Dr. Yes – Spoofing the first ever James Bond film, Dr. No, Chiquito starred as the spy agent in this film which was produced in 1965.

El Perro Gancho – Even love-triangle-drama king Eddie Rodriguez got his spy agent role in this film with a Spanish title. This suspense action thriller was made in 1968.

Espionage – Zaldy Zshornack of the Lo Waist gang fame also appeared as an agent in this spy thriller. Produce in the mid 60s, this film concentrated on karate as the martial arts style of the moment.

For Your Height Only – A spoof of another James Bond film, For Your Reyes Only, this one starred the midget action star Weng-weng who portrayed the role of an agent. This film was produced in the mid 80’s by ATB Film of Lita Buenaseda.

Hammer Head – Eddie Arenas (the husband of Lolita Rodriguez) played another spy agent in this 1967 film.

Honey and West – Bernard Belleza (an Air Force officer and father of Dranreb Belleza) starred in this karate thriller in 1968.

James Bandong – A spoof of the James Bond character and name, Chiquito starred as a spy agent with Miriam Jurado as his romantic interest in this 1964 film.

James Bondat – As if James Bandong was not enough, Chiquito came up with another spoof on the James Bond monicker as he again appeared as a spy agentr in this 1970 action comedy.

Kill the Magnificent Agents – The picture lead star was Fred Galang who delineates the role of an agent, it was an action packed thriller full of suspense sequences

Kill … Tony Falcon – Another outing of Tony Ferrer as Agent X-44, this film followed the tried-and-tested formula of action gimmicks and sexy girls in this mid-60s film.

Lambat Dragnet – Bernard Bonnin, who achieved stardom with his Palos series, this time portrayed the role of an spy agent. This was produced in 1966.

Manila Hongkong Singapore – This starred Zaldy Zschornack in a spy agent role. This picture made in 1967 was partly shot in two other countries.

Mike Narra – Done in the mid-60s, this secret agent was again portrayed by Low Waist Gang alum Zaldy Zshornack.

Mr. Thunder Ball – Chiquito once again portrayed the role of a funny secret agent. This 1966 flick was a spoof of Agent 007’s Thunderball.

Napoleon Doble and the Sexy Six – Dolphy spoofed Napoleon Solo and shot this film in 1966 with six sexpots as his co-stars.

Palos Counter Spy – Bernard Bonnin transformed his famous Palos character from porch climber into spy agent in this film which was made in the mid 60’s

Paolo Staccato – Another spy agent role for Eddie Rodriguez, this film was produced in 1965

Sabotage – Tony Ferrer again portrayed Tony Falcon alias Agent X-44. This was another spy thriller produced done in the mid 60s.

Secret Agent Ace Target Max – Even character actor and perennial kontrabida Max Alvarado played his own spy agent persona in this 1965 espionage picture.

The Gold Bikini – Another character actor, Ray Marcos, was cast in this film as a secret agent. The film was produced in the mid 60s.

The Man from A.N.K.L.A. – Comedian Dencio Padilla had his own spy agent role. Though this one was produced in the early 70s and again spoofed The Man from UNCLE.

Tony Falcon… Agent X-44 – This movie cemented Tony Ferrer’s claim to the spy agent top portrayer. This spawned a series of Agent X-44 movies which were all box-office breakers. His films’ formula of stunning action sequences with a bevy of sexy stars and starlets proved to be the secret to the popularity and box office might of the local spy agent film.

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