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Film Academy of the Philippines Director General Leo G. Martinez will talk on the relevance of the so-called old school cinema vis-à-vis the technological developments in today’s cinema before students of the St. Benilde’s film school on Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008.

The subject of the forum is: Old School Cinema in the Light of Today’s Films: Legacy or Lore. In essence, the forum will discuss the relevance of old school filmmaking in today’s forms of new cinema.

To be able to present an overview of the subject from the point of view of the various working guilds of the Academy, the FAP director general has decided to collate the thoughts and opinions of members of FAP members which he intends to relay to the 150 students who are expected to attend the St. Benilde forum.

The forum’s subject will tackle the inroads of digital cinema in local Philippine filmmaking today. This includes the fact that indie directors—mostly graduates from film schools—are shooting their films with digital cameras, like HD video equipment and the like.

The proliferation of digital indie films will be discussed as compared with the downturn in the production of mainstream 35 mm films. Also to be tackled is the apparent failure of the indie films to hit it big in the box office—in other words, a successful commercial run in movie houses throughout the country.

However, the apparent lukewarm response of moviegoers to these indie films is counter-balanced by the success of indie directors to win or participate in international film festivals.

Director General Martinez says that mainstream films and indie films must complement one another to be able to arrest the alarming slide in the production of films in the country—down from the 150 to 180 film production figures during the mid-1990s to a low of 50 to 60 films during the last three years.

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