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DIGITALLY YOURS by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Oct 10, 2008

“Madali lang po talaga ang paggawa ng digital, promise. Sige na, Kuya, gawa na tayo ng digital movie,” pleads Marianne Oandasan, as if making a digital movie requires only peanuts for capital.

After finishing journalism in UP Diliman, Ianne, as she is known to her circle of friends, strolled in the park called movie industry. “May pagka-political po kasi ang inclination ko,” she confesses, “kaya magandang expression o outlet ang movies, di ba?” But no sooner than she had expected, Ianne got hooked in movie production, not really for the expression thing but because of the thrills and enjoyment she gets behind the camera.

Everything started with her exposure in the stage. Doing live shows is much more difficult because there is no take two. Ianne had been in the cast and later on as stage director of Balintataw – Sining Sambaydiwa of PITAA (Philippine Integrated Theater & Allied Arts) since 1995, that’s during her high school days and until she graduated from college. From stage directing, Ianne veered towards direction of the workshop as trainor and eventually dipped her fingers in production management of Tanghalang Parisukat Training Center.

“Pero kahit paano ay writer din po ako,” Ianne reminds everyone lest we forget that she loves to write. She was actually a scriptwriter for a radio drama of dzRH from the year 2005 to 2006. The program was a production of Population Media Center, Philippines, in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund. That radio program was her only experience in writing but she swears that she enjoys writing. “Maganda kasi sa pagsulat puwede mong gawin ang gusto mo.” Most writers will agree with Ianne because a scriptwriter is like a God who charts the fortune of a character. By the way, Ianne is still in a quandary on which guild to join although she is an unofficial member of PDGP (Production Designers Guild of the Philippines).

Ianne could be classified as a rare breed of animal when it comes to digital movie making. She had reached the level of line producing for the stage plays Kamoteng Kahoy and Unforgotten War, her most recent projects to date. And she is presently a line producer and also production manager of Production 56, the production outfit of Director Maryo J. Delos Reyes. As line producer, Ianne handles the money matters and balances the numbers between the expenses and the budget.

Ianne Oandasan with her mentor, Director Maryo J. Delos Reyes

After honing her skills and enhancing her knowledge in movie production, Ianne tried her hand in directing a short movie entitled Binhi. That 20-minuter was a finalist at the GMA-7 Film Festival for short films which was exhibited in Robinson’s Galleria last year. Ianne says that it is easy to book a digital movie at Galleria as long as there’s an available slot. “Ine-encourage ng Gale (short for Galeria) ang mga digital kasi dyan na raw ang punta natin talaga,” Ianne emphasizes with elan. Like SM cinema, Galleria has also one theater dedicated to digital movies but unlike SM which has limitations (like a one-week maximum of showing), Galleria is open even to digital movie festivals and censorship is not as strict as SM’s.

Another directorial job of Ianne is Maskara, a 40-minute movie for Shutterscut Production which was intended for a one-hour tv program. Maskara was shown in a short film festival also last year. And for this year, Ianne had directed Kawayan, another GMA-7 Film Festival – Artist Center entry in the teleplay category.

“Siguro naman may K na rin akong maging director,” Ianne muses on her list of accomplishments as if wanting to point out that she had learned the trade by ascending the rungs of the ladder, so to speak, not to mention that Ianne had tasted almost all the chores in digital movie-making. Aside from ably handling the video camera, Ianne is adept at other technical matters like sound and lighting.

In Pelipula, a Jon Red movie megged last year, Ianne was assistant director, likewise in Estudyantipid, a tv show for ABS-CBN Knowledge Channel. Her most recent project as assistant director was in Condo, a Coco Martin starrer. There’s also Brutus, a Cinemalaya 2008 official entry by Tara Illenberger and an episode of Magdusa Ka, a GMA-7 teledrama. Another assistant directorial job for Ianne was Sana, a music video by Martin Cabrera.

From assistant director, Ianne had also sampled the work of associate director in an episode of Jollytown, another project with GMA-7. Working as associate director is actually working as director but on a partial basis.

For the production design line, Ianne worked as art director of Selda, a digital movie of Ara Mina by Paolo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos and also for Provill Advertising Agency in making a Tide Commercial. She was also the production designer of Sana.

Ianne had tried her hand as production manager, first in Lawa Ng Bae, a finalist in Moonrise Festival last year. For this year, Ianne worked on Torotot as production manager, a Maryo J. Delos Reyes digital movie for Viva Films which was entered in several international movie festivals.

Hopefully, Ianne will enter the big league anytime soon. “Kahit small time lang po, basta may project lang lagi,” Ianne states to close the interview with a smile.

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