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26TH LUNA AWARDS—LOOKING BACK AND FORWARD by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Oct 3, 2008

Part 2

First time winners are expected in at least three or four categories of this year’s Luna Awards—even as six winners last year were again nominated and might make it two in a row this year.

There will surely be a first time winner for screenplay and cinematography where all nominees have not yet won a Luna before. In the production design and supporting actor categories, odds tilt towards the fact that a new winner might also emerge. Likewise, in the musical scoring and sound categories.

Last week, we assess the situation in the best picture, director, actor, actress, supporting actress and editor categories. Let us round this up with the final six categories under discussion.

This year’s nominees for best screenplay include three writing teams and two individual solo writers. All of them have not yet won a Luna Award. The writing teams are: Eddie Romero & Rica Arevalo, Murphy Redd & Bong Ramos and Carmi Raymundo & Vanessa Valdez, who is also nominated for a solo effort. The fifth contender is Vic Acedillo Jr.

In the first 25 years of the Luna Awards, there have been three multi-time winners and three two-time winners. The Academy gave two screenplay awards—original and adaptation—up to 1997. The winningest scriptwriter is Ricky Lee who has amassed seven trophies (five for original and two for adaptation). Raquel Villavicencio won two original and two adaptations while the late Orlando Nadres won two adaptations and an original screenplay.

Two-time winners are Director Carlo Caparas and Humilde Meek Roxas and Amado Lacuesta. The last two writers have unfortunately passed away.

All the nominees for best cinematography will turn out a first time winner though two of them—Ramoncito Redoble and Marissa Floirendo—were nominated last year. The others are Renato de Vera, Manuel Teehankee and Rodolfo Aves Jr.

In the category of cinematography, there are only four multi-time winners. Romy Vitug took home the Luna Award trophy eight times, including the first ever award for the year 1982. Three others—Eduardo ‘Totoy’ Jacinto and the brothers Araojo (the late Johnny and the younger Romulo)—won three times each.

In the production design category, only one of five nominees had won previously. This is Rodell Cruz, who won in 1982 and 2003. Two other nominees are two-person teams—Ma. Asuncion Torres & Anna Carmela Manda, and Blanca Dadivas & Felisberto Besina. Cyrus Khan and Mitoy Sta. Ana round up the final nominees.

From 1982, there have been two four-time winners, two three-time winners and two two-time winners in this category. Topping the winners are Don Escudero (co-winner with Rodell in 1982) and Manny Morfe, the present president of the Production Designers Guild of the Philippines. Three-time winners are Joey Luna and Benjie de Guzman while Rodell Cruz and Fiel Zabat (who migrated to the States after winning in 1983 and 84) chalked up two wins each.

In the supporting actor category, two previous winners are pitted against three rivals. These are Dante Rivero (for Tuhog in 2001) and Pen Medina (for Death Row in 2000) against Ronnie Lazaro, Alchris Galura and Wendell Ramos.

It seems that the most winners ever in any category is the total 23 performers who have won the best supporting actors trophy. This only underscores the fact that we have a lot of able supports on the acting side. Actually there are only two two-time winners in the first 25 years of the Luna Awards. They are Ronaldo Valdez, in 1993 and 97, and Johnny Delgado, the winner in the past two years. A win for Dante or Pen and this exclusive club will have its third member.

In 1991, the Academy gave its last award for best child performer. Since then, a child performer is categorized under the four major performance categories with their senior counterparts. The child performer award actually began in 1984. A year earlier, a young Marco Polo Garcia won the best supporting actor award for Pieta. In the recorded six years of the child performer award, Joko Diaz won twice (1984 and 88) and the following won once each—Jaypee de Guzman, Rose Ann Gonzales, Chuckie Dreyfuss, Kim de los Santos and Terence Baylon.

But since the time outstanding works by child performers were lumped together in the four performance categories, two child actors and a child actress already won in these brackets—Jiro Manio as best actor for Magnifico in 2003; Carlo Aquino as best supporting actor and Serena Dalrymple as best supporting actress for Bata, Bata…Paano ka Ginawa? in 1998.

In this year’s best musical score category, one previous winner, Von de Guzman (for Blue Moon in 2005), will slug it out with four possible new winners—Jobin Ballesteros, Carmina Robles Cuya, Allan Feliciano & Arnold Buena and Jesse Lucas.

Because musical scorers also vie for the best theme song (which was handed out last in 2001), Willy Cruz owns the most number of Luna Awards trophies—four for musical scoring and nine for best song.

The late George Canseco garnered two Lunas for scoring and four for best song while the late Ernani Cuenco won three times, twice for scoring and once for best song. Three time winners for musical scoring are Nonong Buencamino and Ryan Cayabyab. Two time-winners are Jimmy Fabregas and Blitz Padua.

Like in previous years, the best sound category counts with at least three nominees with double or more nominations. Ditoy Aguila has three nominations and two of them are in tandem with Junel Valencia. Albert Michael Idioma (winner in 2003 and 2004 for Malikmata and Feng Shui) has two nominations. Addiss Tabong (winner in 2005 for Nasaan ka Man) rounds up the list of nominees.

Because sound technicians comprise a small collegial group, it is not surprising that five sound experts account for wins in 20 years of the awards. The late Ramon Reyes Jr. won six times while Rollie Ruta won five times but in consecutive order—from the years 1984 to 1988 (which is the record for consecutive wins in the Awards). The late Vic Macamay won five times also. Gaudencio Barredo and Albert Idioma complete the list with two trophies each.

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