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LUNA AWARDS VOTERS SCREEN EIGHT FILMS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Sep 12, 2008

As of Friday, September 12, voters of the 26th Luna Awards have already screened eight films at the University of the Philippines Film Center theater beginning last Monday, September 8.

Twelve more films will be screened before the voters cast their ballots on Friday, September 19 to select the year’s best performances and technical achievements

FAP Director General Leo Martinez giving the opening remarks

The screening started last Monday, Sept. 8 when voters reviewed The Promise (Regal Entertainment, Inc. & GMA Films), which was nominated for cinematography (Marissa Floirendo) and sound (Ditoy Aguila & Junel Valencia); and Faces of Love (Eddie Romero Foundation), nominated for picture, direction (Eddie Romero), screenplay (Eddie Romero & Rica Arevalo) and music (Jobin Ballesteros).

Screened on Tuesday, Sept. 9, were Silip (Seiko Films) for direction (Joel Lamangan) and editing (Jess Navarro); and Ataul for Rent (Artiste Entertainment Works Intl., Inc.) for actor (Joel Torre), supporting actor (Ronnie Lazaro) and supporting actress(Irma Adlawan).

Screened on Wednesday, Sept. 10, were Banal (ComGuild Productions, Inc.) for picture, direction (Cesar Apolinario), actor (Paolo Contis) and supporting actor (Pen Medina); and Batanes (Ignite Media, Inc./GMA Films) for cinematography
(Ramoncito Redoble) and production design (Cyrus Khan).

The Luna Awards secretariat

Screened on Thursday, Sept. 11, were Haw-Ang…After the Harvest (Sizzling Gambas Productions, Inc.) for screenplay (Murphy Redd & Bong Ramos) and production design (Blanca Dadivas & Felisberto Besina); and Ang Lalaki sa Parola (Viva Films) for production design (Ma. Asuncion Torres & Anna Carmela Manda).

Scriptwriters in review

The final six days of screenings have scheduled the following films:

Saturday, September 13
10 a.m.—Batad: Sa Paang Palay (Philippine Company of Performing Arts)
Best screenplay, Vic Acedillo Jr.
Best supporting actor, Alchris Galura

1 p.m.—Resiklo (Imus Productions)
Best production design, Rodell Cruz
Best musical score, Allan Feliciano & Arnold Buena
Best sound, Ditoy Aguila & Junel Valencia

Monday, September 15
10 a.m.—A Love Story (Star Cinema)
Best picture
Best direction, Maryo J. de los Reyes
Best actor, Aga Muhlach
Best actress, Maricel Soriano
Best supporting actor, Dante Rivero
Best supporting actress, Angelica Panganiban
Best screenplay, Vanessa R. Valdez
Best editing, Tara Illenberger

1 p.m.—Katas ng Saudi (Maverick Films)
Best sound, Addiss Tabong

Tuesday, September 16
10 a.m.—Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo (Star Cinema)
Best picture
Best direction, Jose Javier Reyes
Best actress, Judy Ann Santos
Best supporting actress, Gina Pareno
Best cinematography, Rodolfo Aves, Jr.
Best editing, Vito Cajili
Best musical score, Jesse Lucas
Best sound, Albert Michael Idioma

1p.m.—Paano Kita Iibigin? (Star Cinema/Viva Films)
Best actor, Piolo Pascual
Best actress, Regine Velasquez
Best supporting actress, Eugene Domingo

Wednesday, September 17

10 a.m.—You Got Me (Star Cinema)
Best editing, Marya Ignacio

1 p.m.—Bahay Kubo (Regal Entertainment, Inc.)
Best actress, Maricel Soriano
Best supporting actress, Eugene Domingo
Best musical score, Von de Guzman

Thursday, September 18
10 a.m.—One More Chance (Star Cinema)
Best picture
Best actor, John Lloyd Cruz
Best actress, Bea Alonzo
Best screenplay, Carmi G. Raymundo & Vanessa Valdez
Best cinematography, Manuel Teehankee

1 p.m.—Happy Hearts (Regal Entertainment, Inc.)
Best supporting actor, Wendell Ramos

FAP voters on a break

Friday, September 19
1o a.m.—Enteng Kabisote 4 (OctoArts Entertainment/Mzet Productions)
Best production design, Mitoy Sta. Ana

1 p.m.—Ouija (Star Cinema)
Best editing, Marya Ignacio
Best musical score, Carmina Robles Cuya
Best sound, Ditoy Aguila

All voters from the various guilds of the Film Academy will be voting in all categories immediately after the screening of the last film on Friday, September 19.

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