Apr 27
CURRENTS – BIR WOES by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Apr 27, 2004

The BIR had lodged a tax evasion case against Richard Gomez. Reports said that Richard didn’t file his income tax returns for the years 2000 to 2003. In reply to the summons by the BIR, it was alleged that Richard’s bookkeeper reasoned out that Richard didn’t earn an income for the period in question. Later reports said that Richard donated his income to a corporation.

Richard’s camp is crying political harassment due to the fact that he is identified with the opposition. In fairness to Richard, it is the bookkeeper’s responsibility to handle the filing of the income tax return. But in fairness to the BIR, non-filing is tantamount to tax evasion. It’s quite difficult to think that a celebrity of Richard’s stature, who is a popular and ubiquitous fixture on TV shows, didn’t earn money for a long period of time.

To settle the issue, I’d say that Richard, if proven that he indeed earned 16 million pesos from ABS-CBN alone during those years, should do a late filing complete with penalties and surcharges. There’s a saying that you cannot fight city hall. And sometimes city hall becomes very unforgiving.


Another case in progress is that of Salve Asis versus Willie Revillame. Salve, a showbiz newshen, accused Mr. Wowowee of acts of lasciviousness. The misdeed occurred inside a car three years ago. Salve was invited by a reporter friend to Willie’s house and they rode the car on the way to a restaurant. And that Salve and Willie sat at the back was reason enough for a consequential evidence.

In a recent interview, Salve revealed that she had decided to just keep mum on the issue on the pretext that Willie promised to reform. But lately, a dancer accused Willie of the same misdemeanor. That snapped Salve’s patience hence she broke her vow of silence.

In fairness to Willie, there should be a law against late filing of cases, some sort of expiration dates for criminal and civil cases. The three years of hibernation is more or less equivalent to acquittal or simple forgiveness.


In the recent “pamamanhikan” of Raymart Santiago in betrothal to Claudine Barretto, sorely missing is the name of Gretchen. It is apparent that the feud is still on fire between the Barretto sisters. Marjorie admitted that it didn’t cross their minds to explicitly invite Gretchen, meaning to say, perhaps, that it is implied that Gretchen was not invited.

Everyone is hoping that the fire would die down soon and that Gretchen would attend Raymart’s and Claudine’s wedding next year.

It goes to show that money cannot buy everything.


Interest on the sex video scandal is on the downtrend. After Ethel Booba’s controversial cellphone video comes a long string of the so-called sex videos purportedly faked to look like the real thing. There are suspicions that most of those are aimed not to defame but to stir the public’s interest in some celebrities who are inching towards oblivion. In other words, cheap gimmick.

But whether gimmick or not, it seems that the public is getting tired of it. As they say, see one and you’ve seen them all.


“My family is my inspiration,” thus said Lito Camo in reply to his detractors. Some people are accusing Lito of irresponsible compositions for his novelty songs which some others prefer to call trash. The prolific composer is responsible for the monster hits that are pervading the airwaves. When the Sexbomb Dancers’ Spaghetti broke the charts, Otso-Otso and Bulaklak followed suit.

In fairness to Lito, his artistic inclination turned towards novelty songs. And since it sells, there’s no stopping the production. But the publication of those “garbage” should be attributed to the record producer and not to the composer.

Nevertheless, those trashy songs afforded Lito Camo the comforts of life. He now owns a brand new house. You cannot argue with success.— Issa Sebullen